Jun. 29th, 2014

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"Are you ready?"

Victor takes a deep breath, looking out Dee's passenger side window. Marty and Alice are standing there by the mailbox, waiting to see them off, expressions nervous but hopeful. Victor does his best to return their smiles, but it's shaky. It's been -- one hell of a month. Who would have guessed that Alice running across someone who knew someone else that could relink him and Doc back to the worlds they'd thought they'd permanently left behind would only be the tip of the iceberg? Finding out that he'd need some help actually getting to the registrar's office with Alice had been a mild shock -- discovering that his old fiancee might be in danger of being murdered because he'd never come home had been a much worse one. And then there had been his trip to the Nexus, with all the various ideas thrown around about how to help her and what he could do to make sure this "Barkis" never hurt anyone ever again; finding that friend and getting the connection back to his world set up; trying to come up with the perfect plan that would ensure Victoria's safety as well as his own freedom; coming up with and throwing away new ideas, waffling over the very idea of going (was it really his business anymore?). . .so many long nights spent staring at the ceiling, trying desperately to figure out what his responsibilities were and how to handle them.

And now -- it's the moment of truth. If all goes well, he and Doc will be returning to his world about the same time he left it -- two years ago? Three? Ugh, he hates that his timeline is so messed up -- and trying their best to clear up all the loose ends. With any luck, they'll be in, out, and back before they know it, and he and Alice can just move on and become husband and wife.

Of course, Victor knows better than to think anything will just go smoothly when it comes to them. But this has to be done, otherwise his conscience will call him a murderer for the rest of his life. He looks at Doc, expression set. "Let's go."
How to Save A Life )


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