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(Set a few days after Alice breaks up with Victor to try and protect him. For reference, the King took over Victor on January 30th, visited the Nexus (and was dealt with by April) on the 5th, and Alice broke up with him on the 6th.)

It’s been a tough few days for Victor Van Dort. After Doc and Dee came home from their expedition to meeting the other living car (bringing Marty with them after telling him what’s been going down), they discovered him sobbing in his room. A few minutes of questioning revealed what Alice had done: “She left. . . .”

“She what?” Thunder boomed outside as Doc’s fists clenched. “That – that – I’m going to find her, and when I do--”

“No! No, please, she – she s-said she was doing it to p-protect me, she said it was all her fault. . . .”

After hearing the explanation of Alice’s guilt issues, Doc calmed down, and both he and Marty tried to contact their friend. All that came back was a message stating You’re safer not knowing me. All other attempts at communication failed. Marty suggested PINpointing to her, but Doc said that they didn’t have her PINpoint address; and that “even if we did, all she has to do is scream for her uncle and we’d be thrown out on our ears, if not worse, for invading her room. She does live in the Victorian age. Not to mention I don’t want anyone having any interesting reactions should I let off steam. . . .”

And that was it for the past three days. Nothing but Victor existing in his room, eating only to please his friends, sleeping when exhaustion takes him, and otherwise just sitting on his bed, staring at the walls and trying not to cry. He knows Doc at least has begun to come up with plans on how to get rid of the King (he’s asked not to know about them, for everyone’s safety), and that he should probably be doing the same, but – he can’t bring up the energy. He feels – numb. Broken. Like there’s a black hole where his heart used to be, and it’s sucking everything he is in. Alice is gone. Alice is gone.

Victor Finally Snaps )
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Follows on from Nightmares, which follows on from A Trip To Wonderland. Also backdated slightly to about a day after he visited the Nexus.

Victor looked at himself in the mirror, mentally steadying himself. Today he'd have to contact Alice and explain about his dreams. He probably should have done so yesterday, but he'd wanted to put April's lessons about mental blocks to use and get a good night's sleep beforehand. This was probably going to be a tough conversation. He took a deep breath. "Alice, I -- I'm afraid I have some b-bad news," he rehearsed. "I don't know why, but shortly after visiting Wonderland, I began to have these n-nightmares--"

Tentacles grabbing him, holding him in place

"Always about this -- this creature with tentacles. . . ."

Black eyes peering out of the darkness, shining with hatred

"And these horrible black eyes -- are there any m-monsters in Wonderland that look like that? I have no idea how one could get into my head, but -- but I--"


Victor squeezed his eyes shut, pulling up the mental blocks against the memories. "Alice, I'm scared," he whispered, though whether that was just another rehearsed line or him wishing she was here, he wasn't sure. "Why now?"

"Why not?"

Startled, Victor's eyes snapped open. His reflection stared back at him -- except --

Except it had pitch black eyes.

And then there was the sensation of something ripping through his defenses, something grabbing, something squeezing, something dragging. . . . He screamed briefly, then went limp against the sink. . . .

There was a knock on the front door. "Victor?" Doc's worried voice called. "Everything okay in there?"

He pulled himself back up, blinking a few times. "Fine," he called back in a slightly strangled voice, then swallowed and tried again. "Fine. Really."

Then he looked at his reflection again. Pitch black eyes stared back at him, and he smiled. "Just slipped a little."
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It was cold and dark here.

Victor shivered, hugging himself as he looked around. Blackness surrounded him at every turn. He hated darkness like this, all-consuming and suffocating. It always made him feel -- trapped. Like an animal in a cage. He called out, suddenly desperate to hear a voice. "H-hello?"

No reply. Victor shivered again. Of course there was no reply. Nobody would want to brave this darkness. Nobody cared enough to come look for him. Why would they? He was weak and shy and --


Victor nearly leapt out of his skin. What -- who -- the voice sounded vaguely familiar, in a way he couldn't place, but -- "Who's t-there?" he asked, backing up a step.

"You're nothing," the voice said, smooth and cruel. "No one would miss you. No one wants you. I deserve to come back!"

Out of nowhere, parts of the darkness came alive. Victor felt thick tentacles wrap tight around his arms and legs. Another muffled his mouth so he couldn't scream. Shaking in terror, he saw two black eyes peering at him out of the darkness, cold hate in their depths. "GIVE TO ME WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE!"

Victor jerked awake, breathing heavily. For a moment, he saw only darkness, and nearly panicked. Then his eyes adjusted, and he realized he was in his room. He hastily turned on the bedside lamp and sat up. "Oh, what a dream," he whispered, pushing back his hair.

He didn't think any more sleep would be forthcoming tonight.
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“New arrival! New arrival!”: Victor knows about Rift powers, but he has no idea what it gave him. Yet. Sooner or later, somebody or something is going to come along and scare him badly enough for his to activate. Hopefully they’ll be equipped to deal with a temporarily-“dead” body. And if they were trying to be nice to him before he dropped dead, so much the funnier. (Open to anyone who thinks they could freak Victor out enough, bad OR good)

“I want some questions! Now!”: The Rift wasn’t exactly kind to Victor in giving him his power. Being able to essentially die at will (or by fright) rather freaks him out. He could use someone who’s willing to take a nervous young man under their wing and let him know he’s not alone in getting something weird. Being able to assist him with getting the power a bit more under control would be helpful too. (Open to one or two mentor-types)

"We need to go Up. Upstairs? To visit the Land of the Living": Victor's a terrible introvert and very new to this century in general. He's slowly but surely learning about the world, even if it confuses and unnerves him at times. People might be able to help him come out of his shell a little and go see the world. Well, Chicago anyway. (Open to friendlies to take Victor out on adventures)

“I’m terribly sorry about what’s happened to you, and I’d like to help. . . .”: Victor is, sad to say, easily pushed around. His mother was a very bossy type who didn’t take no for an answer, and his father was a fairly passive fellow who went along with much of what she did. Victor was raised to be the good, quiet son, and as a result will do a lot more than necessary to try to avoid disappointing people. He’ll balk at anything openly illegal or morally wrong, but he’s open to manipulation by the right (or wrong) people. (Open)


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