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"Are you ready?"

Victor takes a deep breath, looking out Dee's passenger side window. Marty and Alice are standing there by the mailbox, waiting to see them off, expressions nervous but hopeful. Victor does his best to return their smiles, but it's shaky. It's been -- one hell of a month. Who would have guessed that Alice running across someone who knew someone else that could relink him and Doc back to the worlds they'd thought they'd permanently left behind would only be the tip of the iceberg? Finding out that he'd need some help actually getting to the registrar's office with Alice had been a mild shock -- discovering that his old fiancee might be in danger of being murdered because he'd never come home had been a much worse one. And then there had been his trip to the Nexus, with all the various ideas thrown around about how to help her and what he could do to make sure this "Barkis" never hurt anyone ever again; finding that friend and getting the connection back to his world set up; trying to come up with the perfect plan that would ensure Victoria's safety as well as his own freedom; coming up with and throwing away new ideas, waffling over the very idea of going (was it really his business anymore?). . .so many long nights spent staring at the ceiling, trying desperately to figure out what his responsibilities were and how to handle them.

And now -- it's the moment of truth. If all goes well, he and Doc will be returning to his world about the same time he left it -- two years ago? Three? Ugh, he hates that his timeline is so messed up -- and trying their best to clear up all the loose ends. With any luck, they'll be in, out, and back before they know it, and he and Alice can just move on and become husband and wife.

Of course, Victor knows better than to think anything will just go smoothly when it comes to them. But this has to be done, otherwise his conscience will call him a murderer for the rest of his life. He looks at Doc, expression set. "Let's go."
How to Save A Life )
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((Follow-on from: this Nexus post))

". . .We could actually go back?"

Alice nods, patting her boyfriend's arm. "Néo and company apparently know someone who can fix 'quantum signatures.' That's the very thing Doc says got altered with your trips through the rifts, isn't it? It means you two could go see your hometowns again. No more mysterious barriers blocking your way."

Doc and Victor look at each other, processing this information. Finally, Doc lets out a faint laugh. "Funny. . .when I first landed in the Nexus, that news would have been music to my ears. Now. . .well, I barely ever think of Hill Valley anymore. The one person I wanted to return for instead followed me here."

"I haven't wanted to return to Burtonsville for ages," Victor confesses, rubbing the back of his head. "Now that. . .well. . .I couldn't go through with the arranged marriage. April told me Victoria would be all right some time ago."

Alice blinks. "So -- ah -- you're actually not interested in their offer?"

Doc frowns thoughtfully. "I wouldn't say that. . .it just doesn't have the importance to me that it might have earlier in my time displaced. While I don't care about moving back to Hill Valley, it would be nice to see it once more. Marty could finally introduce me to all of his friends down at Darkness Falls," he adds with a smile.

"I -- I don't know," Victor admits. "Sometimes I do want to see my parents again, just to make sure everything's all right, but on the other hand. . ." He looks into Alice's eyes. "They'd try to make me marry her. Even with at least two extra years on me and my heart belonging to another. I don't want to have to go through that." He reaches out and takes her hand. "Not when I'm so close to being with you for the rest of my life."

Alice gives his fingers a squeeze. "I understand that. Though I have to say I fall into the 'you should see your parents one last time' camp. Nothing hurts worse in my opinion than missing the chance to say a proper goodbye."

Victor sighs, eyes falling to his feet. "I know. . .and I do feel guilty about just disappearing, even if it wasn't my fault. . .could you give me a little more time to think it over?"

"Of course." She smiles. "I just want you do to what's best for you -- with no regrets."

Victor smiles back at her. "I can't say I'll have none -- but I could never regret any of this."
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(OOC: Backdated to shortly after Victor's Nexus visit, itself after a rather awkward meeting with Alice's aunt and uncle.)

Victor feels terribly awkward about doing this, but after his visit to the Nexus, he's even more certain that he needs to talk with Alice. He can't let this state of uneasy, embarrassed silence between them last forever. Especially if Adia. . .she couldn't be right, could she? Alice couldn't be thinking of him like -- like --

He shakes his head. One thing at a time. Adia had suggested writing a letter -- Victor had decided to go with a PINpoint message. After all, it wasn't like they could send conventional mail to each other. . . . He looks at the screen of his pocketwatch PINpoint, then starts composing:

Dear Alice,

I don't know how you feel about me at the present. You've been distant ever since you brought your aunt and uncle here to meet me and my friends. I know something's bothering you, and it hurts a little that you won't come out and say it. I have guessed that it has to do with my -- appearance -- when you and your family so abruptly arrived. I'm terribly sorry -- I thought I had the time to clean up. I only wanted to present myself at my best to them.

Perhaps it's rude of me to ask this, but -- were you affected in any way by seeing me unclad? I would hate to cause you the slightest bit of discomfort. I do hope the sight of my body in that state didn't disgust you. If that is the case, I'll apologize a thousand times. If it isn't, then -- could you please just talk to me? I miss you terribly.

I hope I'm not being too forward. Feel free to reply with your own message -- or come visit me in person. Either way, I anxiously await your reply.



He looks at the "come visit me in person" bit again, wondering if he wants to keep it in there. Does he really want more face-to-face awkwardness? Particularly if he had disgusted her?

But if you haven't, wouldn't you want to celebrate? a slightly saucy thought slips through his head. He dismisses it with a blush (though he was reserving the right to kiss her if things went well), takes a deep breath, and hits Send.

Hopefully she'd get it soon. And this would all turn out for the best.
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(Set a few days after Alice breaks up with Victor to try and protect him. For reference, the King took over Victor on January 30th, visited the Nexus (and was dealt with by April) on the 5th, and Alice broke up with him on the 6th.)

It’s been a tough few days for Victor Van Dort. After Doc and Dee came home from their expedition to meeting the other living car (bringing Marty with them after telling him what’s been going down), they discovered him sobbing in his room. A few minutes of questioning revealed what Alice had done: “She left. . . .”

“She what?” Thunder boomed outside as Doc’s fists clenched. “That – that – I’m going to find her, and when I do--”

“No! No, please, she – she s-said she was doing it to p-protect me, she said it was all her fault. . . .”

After hearing the explanation of Alice’s guilt issues, Doc calmed down, and both he and Marty tried to contact their friend. All that came back was a message stating You’re safer not knowing me. All other attempts at communication failed. Marty suggested PINpointing to her, but Doc said that they didn’t have her PINpoint address; and that “even if we did, all she has to do is scream for her uncle and we’d be thrown out on our ears, if not worse, for invading her room. She does live in the Victorian age. Not to mention I don’t want anyone having any interesting reactions should I let off steam. . . .”

And that was it for the past three days. Nothing but Victor existing in his room, eating only to please his friends, sleeping when exhaustion takes him, and otherwise just sitting on his bed, staring at the walls and trying not to cry. He knows Doc at least has begun to come up with plans on how to get rid of the King (he’s asked not to know about them, for everyone’s safety), and that he should probably be doing the same, but – he can’t bring up the energy. He feels – numb. Broken. Like there’s a black hole where his heart used to be, and it’s sucking everything he is in. Alice is gone. Alice is gone.

Victor Finally Snaps )
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Follows on from Nightmares, which follows on from A Trip To Wonderland. Also backdated slightly to about a day after he visited the Nexus.

Victor looked at himself in the mirror, mentally steadying himself. Today he'd have to contact Alice and explain about his dreams. He probably should have done so yesterday, but he'd wanted to put April's lessons about mental blocks to use and get a good night's sleep beforehand. This was probably going to be a tough conversation. He took a deep breath. "Alice, I -- I'm afraid I have some b-bad news," he rehearsed. "I don't know why, but shortly after visiting Wonderland, I began to have these n-nightmares--"

Tentacles grabbing him, holding him in place

"Always about this -- this creature with tentacles. . . ."

Black eyes peering out of the darkness, shining with hatred

"And these horrible black eyes -- are there any m-monsters in Wonderland that look like that? I have no idea how one could get into my head, but -- but I--"


Victor squeezed his eyes shut, pulling up the mental blocks against the memories. "Alice, I'm scared," he whispered, though whether that was just another rehearsed line or him wishing she was here, he wasn't sure. "Why now?"

"Why not?"

Startled, Victor's eyes snapped open. His reflection stared back at him -- except --

Except it had pitch black eyes.

And then there was the sensation of something ripping through his defenses, something grabbing, something squeezing, something dragging. . . . He screamed briefly, then went limp against the sink. . . .

There was a knock on the front door. "Victor?" Doc's worried voice called. "Everything okay in there?"

He pulled himself back up, blinking a few times. "Fine," he called back in a slightly strangled voice, then swallowed and tried again. "Fine. Really."

Then he looked at his reflection again. Pitch black eyes stared back at him, and he smiled. "Just slipped a little."
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It was cold and dark here.

Victor shivered, hugging himself as he looked around. Blackness surrounded him at every turn. He hated darkness like this, all-consuming and suffocating. It always made him feel -- trapped. Like an animal in a cage. He called out, suddenly desperate to hear a voice. "H-hello?"

No reply. Victor shivered again. Of course there was no reply. Nobody would want to brave this darkness. Nobody cared enough to come look for him. Why would they? He was weak and shy and --


Victor nearly leapt out of his skin. What -- who -- the voice sounded vaguely familiar, in a way he couldn't place, but -- "Who's t-there?" he asked, backing up a step.

"You're nothing," the voice said, smooth and cruel. "No one would miss you. No one wants you. I deserve to come back!"

Out of nowhere, parts of the darkness came alive. Victor felt thick tentacles wrap tight around his arms and legs. Another muffled his mouth so he couldn't scream. Shaking in terror, he saw two black eyes peering at him out of the darkness, cold hate in their depths. "GIVE TO ME WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE!"

Victor jerked awake, breathing heavily. For a moment, he saw only darkness, and nearly panicked. Then his eyes adjusted, and he realized he was in his room. He hastily turned on the bedside lamp and sat up. "Oh, what a dream," he whispered, pushing back his hair.

He didn't think any more sleep would be forthcoming tonight.
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Victor's feeling quite festive -- it's been a good year for him. As such, he has some presents he'll be getting to the proper places:

For John ([ profile] hart_on_sleeve), there's a book he's found on various "weird places" around the globe. John likes to travel, after all -- might as well go someplace interesting. As for Alina, she gets a picture book.

For April ([ profile] slayers_desire), he has a nice white heart-shaped picture frame. He figures she can use it for a nice picture of her and Clark.

For Alisa ([ profile] enigmassweet), there's something from both him and Alice -- a nice box of high-quality chocolate. It appears that when he's a little unsure, Victor follows his sweet tooth.

As for his other friends, Doc's getting a saxophone (he mentioned once he played); Marty's getting a VHS of Huey Lewis music videos; Alice is getting a blue stuffed cat Victor painted to look like Cheshire (complete with grin); and Dee is getting a remote-controlled car (irony?).

(And there's other stuff for anyone else who thinks a gift-exchange is appropriate -- the mun just sucks a bit at remembering everyone she plays with. ^^;)
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He doesn't know why he's doing this. It's just – been on his mind, for some reason. A preoccupation that's somehow morphed into a compulsion. Something he simply had to do. He suspects that video had something to do with it – what, exactly, he can't be sure. But it was only after seeing it that everything started.

He looks down at the flowers he's chosen. White lilies, yellow daisies, red poppies. Purity, innocence, and pleasure, if he remembers his flower language correctly. A pleasant, neutral message. He isn't trying to win her heart, he just – needs to give her some flowers. It was a purely friendly gesture. She'd understand that, right? Purely friendly. Has nothing to do with any intentions on her. Has nothing to do with that awkward yet strangely nice kiss, or the way he's started to enjoy the way her green eyes sparkle when she smiles, or –

Victor groans and shakes his head. "Oh dear." He really hopes he can blame this all on a LOL. The alternative is – too awkward to contemplate right now.
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It occurs to me I might have been remiss in not mentioning this earlier, but I really didn't want to think too much about the whole situation. . . . Roughly a week ago, I -- I encountered what appeared to be a very dead corpse up and walking -- and attacking people. Except for me, apparently the things LIKE me That particular "zombie" has been taken care of, but -- has there been any other sightings? Or attacks? I'd hate to think of anyone getting hurt because I didn't have the fortitude to speak up.

And none of them were in bridal dress, were

Also, has anyone encountered a Miss Cameron? She and I were working together on something, but I haven't seen her in quite some time. She's a rather pretty young woman, long brown hair, brown eyes, a rather -- I hate to say it, but peculiar way of talking? (She speaks as if she's learned everything from an encyclopedia.)

How is everyone in general?
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It's my birthday today.

I'm turning twenty years old.

I've been here for that long now? Seems very odd having my birthday in the future.
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[Locked to Cameron]

Regarding that matter we talked about a little while ago -- about possibly building a pair of wings? -- I found some very nice diagrams in my book on butterflies on how they fly. If you're still interested in doing that, we can start at any time. I live in B building, room 187.


[Locked to Wanderers, Angels, and Demons, Locked Against the CLF and related third parties]

Er -- does anyone know anything about constructing a set of wings? It's for a potential project I have. I know it's a bit of an unusual request, but any help would be appreciated.

-Victor Van Dort
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Oh, where do I start

I JUST DIED in the garden

I hate to be a bother, but can anyone tell me if -- if DYING AND COMING BACK TO LIFE is at ALL normal for this world? Because -- I seem to have done it. Nearly frightened the poor girl talking to me out of her wits. I have no idea how it happened -- she rather startled me, and suddenly everything went --

[Ink smear here, as if whoever was holding the pen suddenly relaxed their grip -- or, perhaps, fell over unconscious]

Good Lord, it happened again! What's going on? Do I run the risk of it happening every time I get frightened now? Please, I need answers!

-Victor Van Dort
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(OOC: Just me talking to myself and setting up more Nexus funtimes -- feel free to ignore)

Dr. Brown,

I was asked to relay a message from a place called the Nexus -- I trust you've heard of it? There's a woman there who knew quite a bit about our situation here and wanted to make sure you were all right. She said her name was "Frostbite."

I hope you're doing all right, given the situation here in Chicago.


Victor Van Dort


Jan. 6th, 2009 10:22 pm
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My name is Victor Van Dort. I was hoping someone might be able to direct me to a clothing shop in the vicinity. I came through the Rift recently, and my only suit is rather torn. If nothing else, I'd like to have it repaired.

I'm afraid I'm not sure about the issue of payment. I do have my wallet, but -- the money is British pounds from the 1870s. Is there any place I could -- exchange them?

Please forgive my ignorance, I'm quite new to this world. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Victor Van Dort
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