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It occurs to me I might have been remiss in not mentioning this earlier, but I really didn't want to think too much about the whole situation. . . . Roughly a week ago, I -- I encountered what appeared to be a very dead corpse up and walking -- and attacking people. Except for me, apparently the things LIKE me That particular "zombie" has been taken care of, but -- has there been any other sightings? Or attacks? I'd hate to think of anyone getting hurt because I didn't have the fortitude to speak up.

And none of them were in bridal dress, were

Also, has anyone encountered a Miss Cameron? She and I were working together on something, but I haven't seen her in quite some time. She's a rather pretty young woman, long brown hair, brown eyes, a rather -- I hate to say it, but peculiar way of talking? (She speaks as if she's learned everything from an encyclopedia.)

How is everyone in general?
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Victor's in his room, sitting at the dining table with his book in front of him. Once again, he's impressed with how nice it is -- there was no way he could get anything like this back home. He's currently got it open to a section explaining how the wings work, basically, with a couple of nice diagrams showing what's what. It should be very useful to this project he and Cameron have planned.

The project. Victor's still not sure how on earth it quite got started. The conversation he'd had with Cameron was -- interesting, to say the least. And it brought up a lot of questions he's not sure he has answers for yet. Like what he's going to do with his life here. And how to deal with the fact he's not linked to a famous (or infamous, if you asked some people) family anymore.

Or what he'd do if the chance to go home suddenly popped up.

He shakes his head and leans back in the seat. He doesn't want to think about that right now. He just wants to focus on building these butterfly wings. He's never done anything like it before, but -- well, it could be fun. And he can't deny he'd like the chance to fly.

He just hopes they do a good enough job that he doesn't end up a bloody smear on the ground when it's all over.


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