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(OOC: Just me talking to myself and setting up more Nexus funtimes -- feel free to ignore)

Dr. Brown,

I was asked to relay a message from a place called the Nexus -- I trust you've heard of it? There's a woman there who knew quite a bit about our situation here and wanted to make sure you were all right. She said her name was "Frostbite."

I hope you're doing all right, given the situation here in Chicago.


Victor Van Dort


Jan. 6th, 2009 10:22 pm
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My name is Victor Van Dort. I was hoping someone might be able to direct me to a clothing shop in the vicinity. I came through the Rift recently, and my only suit is rather torn. If nothing else, I'd like to have it repaired.

I'm afraid I'm not sure about the issue of payment. I do have my wallet, but -- the money is British pounds from the 1870s. Is there any place I could -- exchange them?

Please forgive my ignorance, I'm quite new to this world. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Victor Van Dort
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I have no idea what to make of that.
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“New arrival! New arrival!”: Victor knows about Rift powers, but he has no idea what it gave him. Yet. Sooner or later, somebody or something is going to come along and scare him badly enough for his to activate. Hopefully they’ll be equipped to deal with a temporarily-“dead” body. And if they were trying to be nice to him before he dropped dead, so much the funnier. (Open to anyone who thinks they could freak Victor out enough, bad OR good)

“I want some questions! Now!”: The Rift wasn’t exactly kind to Victor in giving him his power. Being able to essentially die at will (or by fright) rather freaks him out. He could use someone who’s willing to take a nervous young man under their wing and let him know he’s not alone in getting something weird. Being able to assist him with getting the power a bit more under control would be helpful too. (Open to one or two mentor-types)

"We need to go Up. Upstairs? To visit the Land of the Living": Victor's a terrible introvert and very new to this century in general. He's slowly but surely learning about the world, even if it confuses and unnerves him at times. People might be able to help him come out of his shell a little and go see the world. Well, Chicago anyway. (Open to friendlies to take Victor out on adventures)

“I’m terribly sorry about what’s happened to you, and I’d like to help. . . .”: Victor is, sad to say, easily pushed around. His mother was a very bossy type who didn’t take no for an answer, and his father was a fairly passive fellow who went along with much of what she did. Victor was raised to be the good, quiet son, and as a result will do a lot more than necessary to try to avoid disappointing people. He’ll balk at anything openly illegal or morally wrong, but he’s open to manipulation by the right (or wrong) people. (Open)
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It's not a perfect fit, but it does seem to capture his general air of "I am a perfectly repressed Victorian gentleman" very well.

According to Plan )


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