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(OOC: Backdated to shortly after Victor's Nexus visit, itself after a rather awkward meeting with Alice's aunt and uncle.)

Victor feels terribly awkward about doing this, but after his visit to the Nexus, he's even more certain that he needs to talk with Alice. He can't let this state of uneasy, embarrassed silence between them last forever. Especially if Adia. . .she couldn't be right, could she? Alice couldn't be thinking of him like -- like --

He shakes his head. One thing at a time. Adia had suggested writing a letter -- Victor had decided to go with a PINpoint message. After all, it wasn't like they could send conventional mail to each other. . . . He looks at the screen of his pocketwatch PINpoint, then starts composing:

Dear Alice,

I don't know how you feel about me at the present. You've been distant ever since you brought your aunt and uncle here to meet me and my friends. I know something's bothering you, and it hurts a little that you won't come out and say it. I have guessed that it has to do with my -- appearance -- when you and your family so abruptly arrived. I'm terribly sorry -- I thought I had the time to clean up. I only wanted to present myself at my best to them.

Perhaps it's rude of me to ask this, but -- were you affected in any way by seeing me unclad? I would hate to cause you the slightest bit of discomfort. I do hope the sight of my body in that state didn't disgust you. If that is the case, I'll apologize a thousand times. If it isn't, then -- could you please just talk to me? I miss you terribly.

I hope I'm not being too forward. Feel free to reply with your own message -- or come visit me in person. Either way, I anxiously await your reply.



He looks at the "come visit me in person" bit again, wondering if he wants to keep it in there. Does he really want more face-to-face awkwardness? Particularly if he had disgusted her?

But if you haven't, wouldn't you want to celebrate? a slightly saucy thought slips through his head. He dismisses it with a blush (though he was reserving the right to kiss her if things went well), takes a deep breath, and hits Send.

Hopefully she'd get it soon. And this would all turn out for the best.

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Alice is sitting in her room, absently doodling when her PINpoint beeps. She picks it up from beside her on her desk, quietly glad she doesn't have to hide it anymore. At least her ever-so-awkward visit served its intended purpose. She wonders if her aunt and uncle would ever want to visit the Nexus proper -- that would be a mind-bender for them. Though at least there would be no -- Argh, no Alice! You were doing so well in not fantasizing about him!

She shakes her head and looks at what's on the screen. Irony of ironies -- it's a message from Victor. She frowns as she reads the opening paragraph -- damn, she has been a rather neglectful and inadequate girlfriend, hasn't she? She's just been so worried that he'd catch her staring and be -- perhaps not angered, but very flustered by the attention. . . .

And then she comes on the part about him worrying his body had disgusted her. She stares, stunned. Disgusted? How could he ever think -- Except he's Victor, of course he would think --

Damn the awkwardness, this perception needs to be corrected immediately. She skims through the rest of the message, notes that she's welcome to come to his room, and promptly sends herself there.

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Victor's sitting on his bed, pretending to read. He can't concentrate on the words at all, though -- what's going to happen when Alice reads his message? Will she be offended? Upset? Concerned? Angry? Will she reply? What will she say? How long will he have to --

And then she appears in his room, making him jump slightly. "Oh!" He sets the book aside and stands up. "I, ah, see you wanted to come by. What did you--"

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Alice doesn't give him a chance to continue, marching straight up to him, grabbing his tie, and pulling him down for a kiss. "You are anything but disgusting," she informs him once she releases his lips. "Allow me to apologize for putting that thought into your head."

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Victor freezes as she kisses him hard, his brain blanking at the suddenness of the action. He remains frozen for a moment after she releases him, then blinks and gets his bearings back. "Oh," he says stupidly. "I -- t-that's good." He pauses, then makes himself continue. "I v-visited the Nexus to ask for some advice about the p-problem, and a young woman named Adia suggested that you m-might be -- thinking of me in a -- rather l-less disgusted manner, shall we put it?" He turns pink. "Alice, d-do you. . . ?" He half-expects her to laugh, but that kiss has definitely tipped the scales toward Adia's hypothesis being right.

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Alice blushes as well. Well, at least Victor isn't entirely unprepared for this confession. This would be transparent to a member of her own sex, wouldn't it? At least one with some knowledge of relationships. "I -- I--" She throws her hands up in the air. "I don't know how to deal with this! I've never -- they don't teach one about these feelings in Rutledge! Every time I look at you, all I can think about is how you looked without that suit on!" She's picturing it right now, try as hard as she might not to do so. Bloody hell, that chest. . . .

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Victor unconsciously moves his hands to cover a certain part of himself, even though he's fully clothed and anyway that part of him was covered by a towel when the incident occurred. This is so strange, being thought of in that manner. It just doesn't seem right. "The -- v-view wasn't that good, was it?" he blurts, his mouth as usual gaining a mind of its own during a time of stress.

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Alice stares at him. He -- he really doesn't -- is he blind? "What on earth do you see in the mirror every day?" she demands.

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Victor finds himself becoming annoyed for no good reason. "Someone's who's far too skinny and far too -- f-feminine--" he winces "--to be truly attractive. I know I'm not ugly, but. . . ." He shakes his head. "No girl's ever really looked twice at me before. I tried to act more m-manly once, and all that g-got me was laughter." Why is Alice's view so different?

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"You are neither too skinny nor too feminine," Alice tells him, arms folded across her chest. "And even if you are, so what? The well-muscled manly men of home merely annoy me. You don't need to act like those brutes. I love you for you. I think I'm entitled to consider you handsome."

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Victor really has no idea what to say to that. How exactly do you argue that, no, your girlfriend should consider you merely passably attractive, if not hideous? Shouldn't he just be happy that Alice likes the way he looks? ". . .You're still better-looking," he finally replies lamely. Surely she can't argue that.

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"No I'm not," Alice says with a small shake of her head. "I know I've got a nice enough face, and a good general figure -- but if you say me in the same state I saw you, you wouldn't be half as -- distracted." After all, Victor's skin isn't marred in places by ugly scars.

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Oh no. No no no. She does not get to turn it around on him. "You're beautiful," he says with conviction. "Your hair, your eyes, your smile. . .I'm sure the rest of you matches that in loveliness."

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Alice shakes her head again, then realizes that Victor will probably push the issue. Unless he sees the proof. She fiddles with the collar of her dress -- a simple black-and-white number today? Does she dare actually show him?

Maybe it's only fair. She did see him practically naked, after all. And much less savory people than him have seen her unclad. "Let me prove it," she says and starts undoing the top of her dress.

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WHAT WHEN DID THIS TURN INTO A GAME OF SHOW ME YOURS AND I'LL SHOW YOU MINE?! "A-Alice?!" Victor gasps, stunned. "Wh-what-what are you--"

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"I don't feel like arguing the point with you, so instead I'm just going to show you outright," Alice says, trying and failing not to blush as she slips her arms out of her sleeves. "I'm leaving most of my clothes on, don't worry." She lets the top of her dress flop down behind her, and adjusts her chemise to expose her left shoulder. Covering a large patch of skin is a nasty burn scar, long-healed. "You see?"

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Victor nearly protests this course of action, but the words die before they can reach his lips as he sees her shoulder. "Alice. . ." He ventures a little closer, stunned. "What. . .where did you g-get this?"

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"Did you really think I got out of my burning home completely unscathed?" Alice says quietly. "I was incredibly lucky -- the doctors said my burns healed remarkably, and I was fortunate not to receive any lasting scars on my face and hands. But the flames did leave their mark." She looks away from him, not wanting to see his expression. "There's some smaller ones on my lower back, and a couple on my legs. This is arguably the worst." A souvenir of running into a doorframe during her mad escape, if she recalls correctly. She shudders, wondering what Victor thinks, and a little afraid to find out.

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Victor feels a little stupid now. Of course it's from the fire. His poor girlfriend, having to run for her life through a burning house. . . . He moves a little closer, studying the stricken skin. It looks a bit out of place against the paleness of the rest of her shoulder. He reaches out a hand, then stops. "M-may I -- may I t-touch it?" He doesn't know why he wants to, but he does.

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That's a bit of an unexpected reaction. She looks over her shoulder at him -- he doesn't look horrified or disgusted, just a little stunned. She nods, just a tad shyly.

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Victor slowly places his fingertips against her skin. The scar is a bit bumpy, with a strange fibrous texture. He runs his hand along it, getting a feel for it and comparing it with the healthy skin beside it. After a few minutes, he looks at her with a small smile. "It doesn't matter to me. You're still beautiful."

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Alice blinks. What? He -- "Really?" she asks, unable to help herself. She hates feeling so weak, but somehow he always manages to slip through her defenses and expose that part of her that's shy and scared. (Not that she really minds all that much. It's nice to be soft and gentle with someone.)

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"Really," Victor says. Yes, he'd feel happier if she wasn't scarred, but the mark doesn't really bother him beyond it being a reminder of her painful past. She's still gorgeous, wonderful Alice. On an impulse, he presses his lips to the scar.

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She stares. He kissed it. He actually kissed that horrible thing. Oh God, she really does not deserve such a kind, adoring, oh-so-handsome boyfriend. . . .

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Victor gets nervous under her silent staring. Has he managed to screw things up? "I -- I'm sorry, should I n-not have done that?" he whispers, playing with his tie.

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Alice smiles, spins around, and pulls him in for another kiss. This one starts out soft, but slowly turns hungrier, needier. She's suddenly very acutely aware of his flesh, hidden under all those unnecessary clothes. Almost without conscious thought, her hands slide up and start undoing his tie.

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Well, that answers that question. Victor happily returns the kiss, though for a moment he's unsure where to put his hands. Alice is still attired in only half a dress. . .but she's got her chemise on. It should be okay to touch that, right? He carefully slides his arms around her, enjoying the feel of her lips on his. God, she's so wonderful and beautiful and -- what's she doing to his neck? She's taking off his tie, why. . . ?

The feel of her fingers on his neck drive the question out of his mind. Suddenly, he's all too aware of how much he wants her to touch him. He pulls her closer, deepening the kiss.

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She finishes undoing his tie and lets it drop to the ground beneath them. Next she undoes his collar a bit, loosening it so she can slide her hand down his shirt and have a feel of that wonderful back of his. He feels so good, tastes so good. . . . She slips her tongue into his mouth, as her hand explores his shoulders.

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Her hand down his shirt surprises him a little, as does her tongue in his mouth, but Victor recovers nicely. He feels amazingly sensitive to all the places she touches him. And it all feels just so good. . . .

And then, suddenly, it feels even better as her fingers brush a spot between her shoulder blades. He gasps against her mouth as -- a certain something suddenly wakes up a little.

on 2011-10-03 01:46 am (UTC)
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Alice jumps, startled. What the -- "Victor? Did I hurt you?" she asks, pulling away a bit.

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"No! No, definitely not -- hurt," Victor says, a little breathless. His eyes flick down despite himself. There's a bit of a bulge in his crotch -- not much of one yet, but it's there. He tries to reposition himself so Alice doesn't notice.

on 2011-10-03 01:50 am (UTC)
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Unfortunately, his shifting is what draws her attention to it. She frowns at the bulge for a moment. Now what is -- oh! Oh.


Alice looks back up at him, grinning mischievously. Oh, this is so improper, but she's feeling quite bold right at the moment. She rubs the spot again, then gives it a gentle press.

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Victor lets out another gasp as she rubs. Oh, that feels goooood. . .but she's not repulsed? She's -- oh, this cannot be right, no matter how wonderful it feels. They should stop, even if that's the last thing he wants --

And then she presses it, and it's like the sensation is amplified a hundredfold. All thoughts of stopping leave his head as he pulls her close and crushes his mouth against hers, the (now larger) bulge in his pants rubbing against her upper thigh.

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Alice isn't thinking of stopping either, especially not after he kisses her like that. She grabs him tightly, practically bruising her lips against his. She doesn't mind the bulge against her thigh -- in fact, it seems to spark some warm, happy feelings down in her own nether regions. Part of her knows this is the sort of behavior that would get her punished severely by her aunt and uncle, but she can't bring herself to care. She slides a hand between them to start working on Victor's suit coat buttons.

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Oh God, he never knew he could feel so GOOD, her lips against his, her tongue in his mouth, her hands on his body. . . . For once in his life, he's not worrying about anything. He wants to extend the pleasure for as long as he can. His own hands start roaming over her partially-exposed flesh, one boldly slipping under the collar of her chemise. He finds himself rubbing a little against her, enjoying the feel of her leg against his crotch. . .it's like being lost in one of his late-night fantasies, only it's so much better for being real. . .

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"What are you guys doing?"

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Victor and Alice both freeze, eyes flying open. Slowly, they separate and turn toward Victor's half-open door. Dee's standing there, looking innocently curious. Doc's behind her, facepalming with a smirk. "Ah -- aaaah--" Victor says, suddenly horrified beyond belief. Why does God do this to him?

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"It's called 'making out,'" Doc says, smirking at the pair. "It's something couples in love do. Usually in more privacy than that." He notes their clothes. "And usually a bit more dressed." (Alice pulls away from Victor and starts getting her dress back in order again at that.) "Come on, we shouldn't be interrupting."

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"Okay," Dee says easily, but then frowns again. "Why's Victor got a funny bulge in his pants?" (Victor snatches up his tie and turns to obstruct Dee's view, turning brilliant pink with embarrassment.)

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Doc goes pale. "Ah -- er--" He looks up at the pair, then down at Dee, seemingly completely lost for words. "I'll tell you later," he finally gets out, taking her arm. "Let's -- let's go." He leads Dee away, shooting Victor and Alice a "why did you put this on me?" look as he does.

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Alice lets out a nervous laugh as the two vanish from sight, finishing fixing her dress. "I think we may be in a bit of trouble with Doc," she says, brushing her hair back from her face.

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Victor nods, fixing his tie. "Dear Lord. . . ." That was the last position he wanted to be found in with Alice. Now Doc was going to be annoyed with him, and Marty was probably either going laugh hysterically or demand details once he found out. And he didn't even want to know what was going on in Dee's mind.

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Alice pulls him into a hug. "Worth it, though, right?" she adds, smiling up at him. That had been fun, embarrassing ending or no. Something she definitely wanted to try again.

on 2011-10-03 02:19 am (UTC)
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Victor smiles back. Even if it had ended in embarrassment, he couldn't regret their little make-out session. He hadn't felt that good in ages. In fact, he already wanted to try it again (with the door firmly closed, of course). "Oh yes," he says, and leans down peck her lips.


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